Having Thai Food for Dinner in Vancouver, BC: What to Order

Thai food is one of the most delicious types of cuisine out there! It is so popular that you can find Thai food restaurants placed all over the world. Ordering Thai food in Vancouver, BC is a sure fire way to have a great dinner any day of the week.

Some days you may feel like your local Thai place down the road has mastered their version of a yellow, red, green, or Massaman curry. Steamed rice is always a presence in Thai dishes like these, unless you opt for something with noodles. You can never go wrong with a Thai noodle dish. It doesn’t matter if it is Pad Thai or anything else – you know it will be delicious.

Are you planning on having Thai food for dinner? Thai food delivery in Vancouver is easy and available if you don’t feel like whipping up an entire meal from scratch. Whether hanging with the family or spending time with friends or even having a date night, Thai food is always a good choice. Read on to find out more and get some ideas for what to order!

Having Thai Food for Dinner: What to Order

If you’ve never actually had Thai food but are interested in trying it, or you just want some basic menu ordering ideas, here we go. Many Thai places will offer you gyoza, which are pan fried or steamed dumplings that you can enjoy with a soy sauce-based dipping sauce on the side. They are a good dish to eat all your own or to share and are usually found in the appetizers section.

Pad Thai is a particularly popular Thai dish. Enjoy rice noodles fried together with ingredients such as egg, bean sprouts, peanuts, scallions, other vegetables, and Pad Thai sauce. Or try a variation on this dish, as many restaurants do variations, as well. Check out Pad Prik if you love Pad Thai but want some fresher ingredients like basil, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and garlic. For main courses, you can also try Chiang Mai noodles if you love spicy, flavourful dishes.

You could also order a curry, as many Thai places have standard colour curries. Green, Red, Massaman, Yellow, Mango, and other curries are frequent menu standbys. They are usually served with Jasmine or your choice of rice (white, brown, sticky) and come with vegetable elements, as well as your choice of meat (beef, chicken, duck, tofu, or seafood options).

Spring rolls or Golden Triangles are other good appetizers to order from a restaurant. Often times, Thai spring rolls will be smaller and thinner than those at Chinese restaurants, so just be aware. They may also have potato-stuffed curry rolls, which can also be very interesting!

Tom Yum soup is another great menu feature, as is Tom Kha Gai, a Tom Yum soup with chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass, and more. If you’re craving a simple Thai-flavoured soup, these are perfect. The combination of flavours will blow you away.

These are just a few of the many things you can order when you get Thai food delivery in Vancouver! There are so many ways to enjoy Thai food in Vancouver, BC. When ordering, ultimately it is up to you what to get, and if you think it will be delicious, it most likely is. So don’t hesitate! Order in and have a great dinner today.

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